About us

The Smart Tech Center Experience

In a crowded world where the movement is continuous and access must be moderate for each person, safety plays an important role in people's work and experience. This is where we intervene.

With extensive experience in the access control solutions market, Smart Tech Center is the result of a new perspective, which focuses not only on marketing and implementing access control systems, but on listening to the main needs of customers and offering customized solutions, adapted to the most complex requirements.

We make your entrance secure, efficient and smarter.

Our access control solutions, software and hardware systems, as well as know-how knowledge contribute to the protection of people and the security of properties, sports or entertainment spaces dedicated to the general public, as well as to the optimization of your business processes. For the Smart Tech Center, the term "full service" has a double meaning. First of all, the quality and reliability of our systems place us among the first decisions of our customers when it comes to implementing access security systems.

Second, consultancy and support services meet the highest standards of quality and understanding. In order to find the best solutions, we need to understand the main needs of our clients and follow a unique perspective for each project we carry out. We attach great importance to the reliability, safety and quality of the services offered, as well as the interaction with our company. At the same time, these are the main goals of the Smart Tech Center.

Smart Tech Center Mission

Access control is a form of physical as well as mental security, which monitors and manages all entries and exits made in a location, while providing a sense of security for all involved. 

The mission of the Smart Tech Center aims to provide and maintain security through intelligent access control and management solutions, while managing to lay the foundations of a successful partnership, based on trust and transparency. 

Healthcare sector

Access in area with hygienic environments refers in most of the cases to operating theatres, where hermetic doors help maintain the sterile environment by both their ability to close hermetically and their easy-to-clean properties, but also to access into medical facilities for medics and visitors .